Sticking to it

This is just a quick little note so that I don’t totally fail at my plan to blog at least once a week (OK, I’m only getting by on a technicality at the moment; it’s been about 14 days since my last post, so that’s 2 in 2 weeks, but that’s hardly the spirit of what I wrote!).

So, what’s new? I’m back in Groningen, and for once the journey back was reasonably nerves-free. I think I am finally getting ‘better’ at flying (i.e. less of the screaming heebie-jeebies) which can only be a good thing. I did have to walk pretty much the length of the airport (and it’s huge) to get my luggage but all was well in the end.

Work has been OK; as usual after a long period away there are lots of meetings and conversations that have been waiting until I was here. For that reason it’s been a very ‘bitty’ week and I am hoping to get stuck into things a bit more next week. Today was cool; we’re developing a new unit for MA students that want to use GIS in their thesis/dissertation and I’m helping out. It is really interesting to be involved (in however small a fashion) in the design of a unit; setting goals and outcomes and deciding on practice examples and so forth. I’m learning a lot about what you can reasonably expect to cover in a set space of time, and about teaching to differing levels of experience. Other than that, we’ve been meeting to discuss our research strategy for the next year and what our fieldwork aims are for the spring expedition. I’ve got some reporting and writing to finish off from last year, and I really need to get it done; it’s become a bit of an albatross and it would be good to have a couple of months where I can step back and think about the big picture and the methodological work I want to do. I’m also hoping to go to Mainz to do things with soil samples, which would be good. I enjoy doing lab work!

At the same time, I’ve agreed to give a research seminar at the GIA about my PhD research. It won’t be a lot of work to splice together some presentations, but I want to be well prepared, and I need to do some things for the round table I am running at CAA2012 in Southampton in March (which incidentally when I next plan to be in the UK), and of course, Martijn and I need to work on the paper we’ve had accepted…. and then there are the two papers I’ve started and then stalled on about my PhD results.

Tonight though, I am switching off. My desk isn’t very well set up at work and I’ve got a sore neck and head, not helped by the fact that I spent a lot of time in meetings today. I think I am going to have a potter about the containertje and tidy up a bit, and then head to bed early and watch or read some sci-fi or detective stories with a cup of tea!

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