Failing Gently

I’ve borrowed the title of this post from my Dad, @zackzee … he used it earlier this evening and I liked it so I have nabbed it. The failing I am talking about is my 365 project. When I first arrived in the Netherlands I started a 365 picture project to catalogue my first year here. I did really well for about 200 days and then it got really difficult.

Today it snowed (this is relevant, bear with me), and I took some pictures and realised a) why I hadn’t been ‘365-ing’ and b) that I miss it and that finding a picture is something to look forward to and a little bit of creativity in my day. You see, with all the snow, I want to take some pictures tomorrow as it’s all very pretty and I am wishing Matt was here to see them with me, so the next best thing is to take pictures to send him instead. I use my HTC Android phone to take my photos, and it has been getting very very buggy about letting me see the ones I have taken. I can find them on the SD card if I plug my phone in, but they don’t appear in the gallery, or any application that uses the gallery, like flickr or twitter. It’s been getting increasingly frustrating to take pictures! I also have no idea what picture we’re up to now, and sitting down with a diary would be tiresome and depressing.

It was also in part leaving for and coming back from work in the dark, that caused the hiatus. Pictures of my office or the container or me get boring after a while and I don’t have the right gear to take decent night-shots. I am also jealous of instagram. I know it makes all pictures look a bit the same and a bit hipstery, but it also makes them look nice, and cute. I don’t think I’m a very good photographer, and this was putting me off a bit.

So, tonight I’ve uploaded all of my ‘lost 365’ pictures- the ones that should have been 365’s but aren’t, and I’ve given them their own home on flickr. I’ll restart my 365 on my 365th day, and see where it takes me. For now, enjoy these from a recent trip to Amsterdam.

I will give you great powers

Thoth/Subversive Love

Flaming Green Parrot


I am off to bed! I plan to blog tomorrow about the Dutch response to the cold weather, which is to wish it to stay cold so the canals freeze. None of them are excited about the snow: they want to go ice skating…


EDIT: I think I’ve fixed my phone, fingers crossed it behaves well tomorrow and I get some  good pictures without wanting to tear my hair out…

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