A change is as good as a rest

It’s all been a bit quiet here as I’ve broken my once a week rule recently. Life has been a bit busy- work has been very hectic with a lot of deadlines approaching coupled with conferences and the start of the fieldwork season. I’ve been running again, which is really good for me, but eats into my time in the evenings and I finally moved house two weeks ago!


Moving has been very good for me. I hadn’t realised the effect bedsit arrangement of the containertje was having on my sleeping patterns. Since moving I feel a lot more rested and it is 100 times easier to get up in the morning. My new place is really big- the container would fit in the living room. I have a bedroom and a kitchen, all separate. I have study, which doubles as a spare room. I can close the door in my bedroom and just crash when I need to (and perhaps best of all the lack of power sockets by the bed means no laptop in bed!). People can come and visit more easily- I’ve had people over for dinner twice!


Big Applestreet: the whole container would fit in my living room!


I don’t have loads to talk about today; I just wanted to break the silence a bit and try to get back into the blogging habit. I’m going to drink tea & read the newspaper, and then I’ll venture into the city to get things for dinner. Spring is very slowly starting here so I might go for a longer walk to watch the birds in the park (which I can see from my bedroom window). Tomorrow I’m off to Mainz for almost a week to start processing our soil samples. I’m excited about getting into the lab- I really enjoyed the lab work I did during my PhD and I’m going to be learning some new processes (MS fractional conversion and firing temperature determination, for those interested!). My parents just came back from Malta (where I worked in 2010) so I’m looking forward to reading about their trip and seeing their pictures. They went to the Hypogeum and Tarxien, which I didn’t have the chance to visit, so I’m a bit jealous.

So, have a good weekend everyone. I’ll try to post more often. I still have a list of archaeology topics I want to talk about, it’s just finding the time and the right words and framework!

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