CAA 2012, Fieldwork, birthdays and visits

Calabria April 2012

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Just a little post to say I am back after a month away!

I was in Southampton in the last week of March for a conference, and then in Italy on fieldwork for three weeks.

The conference was excellent, the fieldwork wet and frustrating from my point of view (equipment problems, no fantastic discoveries), but the other ‘half’ of the project (the ceramics stuff) had a really good run, with some lovely finds.

I’m back in the Netherlands now, but I have a Matt visiting for a couple of weeks. We went to the zoo for my birthday on Monday, then baked lots yesterday! Tonight is dinner and the movies. I will write a longer post about CAA and about fieldwork soon-ish, but I want to see as much of M as possible while he’s here, so I’m sure you’ll understand if they don’t appear right now!

So, please be patient with me, and be excellent to each other…. there are pictures up on Flickr (if you click my ugly mug above you’ll be taken to them) to keep you happy in the meantime!