Lazy Sunday…

…not quite the same without someone to laze about with, or somewhere to go and have a Sunday  Roast…

I’m following my Dad’s advice and trying very hard to be nice to myself. I think it worked OK at work this week. I felt like I got a lot done. I had a hectic deadline on Tuesday- I needed to get things ready for a big cross-project meeting in Mainz. It turns out most of what I produced wasn’t needed, but it got me started on some things I needed to figure out and reminded me that I can do this stuff.


I managed to go running 3 times, and then went for a swim this morning, something I’ve been meaning to do for months. The pool was nice, and fairly nearby, but there doesn’t seem to be any lane swimming. Maybe it’s just not a Dutch thing? But if I’m trying to do a timed 1km lap-swim, I’d prefer not to be dodging small kids with floats. Perhaps it’ll be better early mornings? It’s a small pool attached to a community centre, so it isn’t open in the evenings. Right now I’m missing the pool in Bournemouth which was on my way home from University, so fitting a swim in was really really easy, and they almost always had lanes for people doing fitness or training rather than having ‘fun’. The rest of the weekend I’ve just been pottering about, but I did go on a photography mission in the park.


I like this statue a lot. There are quite a few in the park, and in the city more generally. I’m going to try to take pictures of them all, but this is my favourite, so she goes first. I like to think she is doing what I always do; looking up at the trees, trying to spot the birds that are constantly singing and chattering.

I love how busy the park is, that it gets used by so many different groups of people. Kids play, people run in groups or alone with and without music. People are skating, biking, kissing, eating, drinking. Groups of student sit and chat and do homework, kids gang up on their dads at football. I’ve seen people practising slack-rope, playing kubb, drumming, singing and playing guitar. I love how much green space there is in this city, and how much it all seems to be used and appreciated.


These are the fountains in the middle of the park, and right behind my house. They get switched on at 8am and let me know I should be getting out of bed! Earlier in the year when they turned off at night their sound was replaced by that of a LOT of amorous frogs! Right now there is a family of ducklings- two of them swam over to see me while I was taking this picture. I love having so much wildlife on my doorstep, even if I do complain sometimes. The complaining comes from the dyspraxia- one factor in my dyspraxia, which is apparently common but not always there, is that there are times when I find certain types of noise very hard to deal with. I can’t stand clocks that tick, for example (and I’ll hear a wristwatch if it is quiet enough and it will stop me sleeping). Other intermittent noises are also hard; birds, babies, people playing ball games. I’m also bad with unexpected loud noises, or even sudden increases in volume. The noise jump that happens in an ad break, for example, can totally reduce me to a four year old with my fingers in my ears yelling ‘Make it stop’, but only on a very bad day. I hadn’t noticed it so much before living alone. I’m not sure what it is about being here that has brought this stuff into sharp relief. Perhaps living with someone means there is always ambient noise that you aren’t in control of, so you get a bit immune? Or perhaps that stress etc means I have more ‘bad’ dyspraxia days, so I notice it more?

The reason I am obsessing over this is because there is a bird outside going peep…peep…peep…peeppeep… and people playing football below my windows, and a baby somewhere in the building yelling. Trigger-tastic.

But who could be mad at these little balls of fluff? Really?


Aahh… things are becoming peaceful again. In keeping with the principle of being gentle with myself, I’m not going to promise to write again next week, or to write something more intellectual or …well… yeah. No promises. Be excellent to each other, and yourselves



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