Conference Plug: CAA NL/DE Joint Chapter meeting 2012

Just a quick note to plug a conference I am helping to organise here in Groningen:

New Developments in Archaeological Data Management

CAA Netherlands – Germany Joint Chapter Meeting 2012

Institute of Archaeology, University of Groningen (Netherlands), 30 November and 1 December.

We will also be joined by our Flemish colleagues. The conference covers two themes, Managing Data Quality and Z – The Third Spatial Dimension. The language of the meeting will be English.

Managing Data Quality
An issue that plagues archaeologists of all kinds, but is rarely presented and discussed in a formal setting, is the management of (information about) data quality. How do we store and manipulate information about the spatial error associated with the mapped location of a site? How do we deal with ‘legacy’ data that is based on antiquated typologies and/or is poorly described by metadata? How do we use the confidence limits associated with the acquisition of field measurements? Can we effectively describe degrees of uncertainty in, for example, assignment of a sherd to a typology, or a site to a period?
A very wide range of issues can be discussed under this methodological theme, including database design, data capture methods, and data analysis methods. We are particularly interested in case studies that demonstrate how specific data quality issues were addressed.

Z – the third spatial dimension
After 20 years of ‘2.5D’ GIS work in Archaeology, we are seeing in recent years the first signs that researchers are moving on to true 3D (volumetric) spatial representation and analysis – previously the preserve of oil geologists. To foster this development, we invite papers that focus on the collection, management and analysis of 3D spatial data from intra-site to landscape-scale contexts. The data sets for this type of analysis might derive from coring, geophysics, excavation, seismics, etc. Pure visualisation studies, such as those based on laser scanning, CAD or VRML models of ancient structures, will be excluded from this session because they already receive enough attention elsewhere.

More information about the venue, submitting an abstract and so on can be found on the conference website here. We will close abstract submissions at the end of September, and are particularly looking for speakers for the second theme.

Groningen is a great city to come and visit, and we’ll be talking about some amazing digital archaeology. I’m also running the twitter account for the conference, so address any questions you might have to @caanl2012 , and make sure to use the #caanl2012 tag for any questions or discussions,

See you there?

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