When the going gets tough

… the tough roast chickens and giggle at tumblr all afternoon?


… This week has not gone so well, in terms of the ‘there is no try’ motto.

So, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and go for it, right?

There were some good bits this week- the write-and-skype with my Dad was productive and I have something to actually take to my writing group this week. I bit the bullet and went to a gig on my own on Thursday night, danced for 2 hours and reminded myself of that tribal bit of my soul that loves getting lost in a crowd all responding to the same rhythm. I took some nice pictures yesterday of the snow in the park before it all started to thaw today, and reassured myself that the blackbirds, tits and nuthatches were doing OK in the cold.

Always winter, but never Christmas

Always winter, but never Christmas

The sudden thaw has made me think of Narnia, in the first (OK, technically second) book when the White Witch is losing her grasp, and Father Christmas comes, then on his heels the thaw. While the snow has been pretty, it has been quite bleak too. I’m looking forward to green grass, and perhaps some snowdrops or crocuses to tell me spring is on the way. I had my first appraisal this week and things are apparently going well, and we had some positive discussions about this last year of my work on the project, and what happens afterwards, but nothing is concrete and it won’t be for ages. So. Next week will be better. I am off to cheer myself up by taking over the world and drinking tea.


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