Two weeks at once

I’ve been in Mainz since last Sunday, and it took me almost 9 hours to get home today so this is going to be a bit brief. Last week was very hectic but I had a lot of fun- we had a writing group meeting and I have a paper almost ready to go off to my PhD supervisors, I went out for dinner with friends and then to see the original Nosferatu in the A-Kerk accompanied live on the newly restored church organ, and I dyed my hair (OK, my lovely hairdresser did it for me) peacock colours.



Nosferatu / week 5


I planned to post about this last weekend, but then I left for Mainz early in case of train issues and in the process left lots of things here in Groningen, including my Dutch phone (with the pictures on that I wanted to use)… and while I had internet at my hotel it was slow and annoying, so I decided to wait. This week I’ve been processing soil samples, which was about as exciting as it sounds. Except for yesterday, when I got to use ovens that are capable of mimicking conditions inside the Earth’s crust. I only used them to cook soil at 650 C though… This meant wearing some hilarious PPE and generally looking like a giant space lobster for most of the afternoon.

I had this morning off so I took myself wandering around Mainz, and ended up at the Citadel looking for the Drususstein. I also went to the Mainz Dom (Cathedral) but it is Carnival at the moment so I couldn’t get any nice pictures thanks to the giant slightly tacky funfair in the market place. There was also a lot of marching about in Prussian War era uniforms that I didn’t really understand. I’ll post all of those pictures to Flickr at some point soon. So, now I am home, for all of three days / four nights, before I head to the UK to surprise my Grandma on her 90th birthday. I’m not sure surprising a 90 year old is that clever, but my Dad and Grandad insist she’s as tough as old boots, and it means I get to see Matt on valentines day ^_^

Proof of Life #week6

Proof of Life #week6

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