Week 7: you can take a girl out of the North…

Last week was wonderful, and stressful, all in one big bundle.

I got back from Mainz late on Sunday night after fun and games with the German railways, then headed into work for three days, which was hectic and stressful because I missed a load of self-imposed deadlines and got rather cross about it all. On the tuesday night I held a ‘Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day’ gathering and inflicted my cooking on unsuspecting friends, then on Wednesday I had all of my usual packing issues. My journey to the UK was ‘interesting’ – trains and planes all over the place due to snow, but I made it to my Grandmas house in Middlesbrough with Matt in tow by 4pm. I was pleased to realise that while I wouldn’t have found my way from the station, walking from my old house or primary school would have been fine. Memory is a funny thing; the distances were all smaller than I remember, but then I last did those walks when I was 8, with much shorted legs!

My Grandma was very pleased to see me, once she got over the surprise, and my poor Grandad was very relieved that the need for secrecy was over and he no longer had to worry about spilling the beans. We spent the evening being feasted in true Yorkshire fashion- pork pies (from Petch’s Butchers in Great Ayton, of course), sausage rolls, trifle and strong tea! The next morning, me and Matt went to look at my old house and school, my Grandad Tom’s old house (the one my Mum grew up in!) and visited with my Mum’s best friend, who is more like an Auntie to me. We went for lunch at Great Broughton, then for a walk along the Leven in Stokesley. It was Matt’s first trip to Yorkshire, but hopefully not the last! We headed back by train on Saturday, headed out to see friends in Sussex that night, then spent Sunday recovering in our local pub 🙂

Week 7 - Family :)

Week 7 – Family 🙂

(Picture is, for this week only, courtesy of Matt!)

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