Snow, sculptures and getting on with things

No great long-winded post today. It’s been a pretty good week (despite a slightly ‘interesting’ brain-day on Tuesday)- I crossed some big things off my ‘to do’ list/heap/mountain. I’ve had a really  nice weekend as well. This is the year of Yoda, which as previously mentioned involves doing more, saying yes and generally making the most of things. I didn’t have any epic adventures this weekend- I stayed in Groningen. But I did venture to my local independent (and awesome) coffee shop (not THAT kind) for breakfast, tried and loved new coffee, went on a huge photography mission and stomp, Skype with my nearest and dearest and confirm a visit from a wonderful friend. Said coffee shop (Black and Bloom) have a coffee and games afternoon next Sunday, which I am going to be brave and go along to. Fluxx (a card game) is a good ice-breaker, and it’s being run along with my friendly local gaming store (who really fit that description).

I also did two long (30 minutes+) runs without any of my usual wailing and gnashing of teeth, a chunk of work on my PhD papers and still had enough time to hang out online with my beloved for a big chunk of today. What I didn’t do was waste my weekend numbing my brain with T.V. or feeling needlessly anxious! So, this week’s #project52 picture is of a sculpture that is odd but rather lovely that lives on the canal-side on one of my routes into the city centre. Posting him and chatting with Sarah about him needing a scarf is what prompted us to fix the dates for her trip, so he’s here for two reasons: 1) I like him a lot and I keep meaning to post more pictures of the art all over the city and 2) he’s a harbinger of good things 🙂


#project52 Week 10

I’m feeling really good right now- I went running in the snow this morning without a squeak of protest, and the soup I made for dinner is delicious, even if I did grate myself into it a bit. Part of me is wondering how long it will stay this easy to do all the right things, but a more sensible part is kicking it under the table and whispering to me to just enjoy it while it lasts…

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