Summer is here!

But it didn’t arrive last week while I was in Vienna.  Instead we had torrential rain that pushed this May into being their wettest ever, and they had some awful flooding elsewhere in the country. The conference was very good. I saw a lot of old friends, made some new ones, and got to talk geophysics and archaeology and science and cool things for a whole week, without anyone suggesting it was boring 🙂

We got to go on two excursions. The one to Carnuntum was pretty cool, with the reconstructed baths, and the wine to taste, but the one I really loved was to a place called the Heldenberg, which houses the strangest tomb (with the strangest back-story) I think I have ever visited, and a reconstruction of a Kreisgrabenanlage (“circular ditched enclosure”) – a neolithic monument of a type that appears all over central europe, along with some houses based on excavated ground plans. Prehistory is where my heart really is, and though the baths were spectacular I was such a happy little geek, bouncing about the circle and the palisade and peering up in the roofs, looking at axe facets on the hewn wood and generally grinning like an idiot, as the picture below shows.


Me in the rain at the Heldenberg
#project52 week 22

As you can see it was rather wet. And I didn’t care. At all.

One of the reasons this post is a bit late is because I didn’t get back home until week 22 had been over for an hour and a half. The other reason is that there has been a lot of post conference chat and things are afoot (duh dun der!) that I hope to blog about in more detail- if you follow my twitter you’ve probably seen some of the discussion. So I’ve been a bit too busy to sit and write until now. I actually need to go and do more on that front now, so I’ll sign off but will write again before the end of the week to keep up with the #project52 malarkey.

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