A little bit late, but only for the best reasons

This is last weeks’ #project52 post… It didn’t happen over the weekend because I was too busy doing the things that feature in it 🙂


My wonderful friend Sarah came to visit…

9046995901_75cafb58fc_o (1)

we had a bit of an adventure getting to the cafe at the Noordermarkt for the traditional apple pie pilgrimage… but the pie was worth it



…then we went on an even bigger mission to get kibbeling at Nieuwe Sloten, but it was well worth it


Then she surprised me with this AWESOME scarf, that she crocheted just for me….


… I have named him Benedict. Isn’t he magnificent?


She also brought me a very cool Totoro t-shirt…..


… and a care package with tea, chocolate and jammie dodgers!

… much tea was consumed, we laughed a lot and I get the feeling I am going to spend all week recovering from the lack of sleep. But she can come back next weekend and every weekend if she likes. She’s like a big sister, partner in crime and best friend bundled into a wise, caring bundle of energy, curiosity and wicked humor. My PhD wouldn’t have happened without her help, she’s been there for me through some weird times. I’ve had the honour of being her friend for more than 15 years now, and she’s exactly who I want to be when I grow up…. (and she’ll want to strangle me for getting all sentimental). Love you woman!

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