Hi folks, here follows a somewhat tangential request to my readers and twitter followers…

For some years my Dad has run a blog and a website dedicated to the joys of exploring (willfully) obscure poetry.
Over time, this had led to various collaborations with poets in terms of glossing complex texts. A current project is with John Matthias, producing a ‘full annotated text’ of the poem on the web: http://www.arduity.com/poets/matthias/trigons.html
He’s running into issues around information architecture and ideas about reader participation, as well as some more removed ideas about the nature of this sort of collaboration using web technologies. I’m peripherally aware, as a self-proclaimed ‘digital archaeologist’ that the issues he is running into, and mentions for example, in this blog post: http://bebrowed.wordpress.com/2013/07/16/the-annotated-trigons-an-update/ are probably already being written about and discussed in digital humanities more generally, and in digital classics more particularly.
I’ve asked (and got his blessing) if I can make what he is up to known to you lovely folks, and encourage anyone with ideas, resources, suggestions for books and journals to head over to the blog and leave comments, or if you prefer I can put you in touch with him by email.


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