Soul Food

Late again, but again for good reasons. Got loads done at work last week and feel good that I am on top of things before going away tomorrow with the Minor Centers project. We’re off to Lazio to look for evidence about smaller Roman settlements and way-stations along the via Appia. It’s going to be hot and sticky- when we were there this time last year it regularly topped 40 degrees when we were in the field. But it’s also going to be good fun. We have a great team and we’re being hosted by a local community we have lots of ties to, so I am looking forward to loads of jokes, good food and team work.

I didn’t post over the weekend because my friend Jess was visiting. She sings in a band, The Undercover Hippy, who were playing a small festival in the north of the province. Jess came over early and we had a great couple of days together before heading to the festival for the day on Saturday. The band were great: if you get a chance to see them I’d definitely recommend going! I’ve known Jess since we were about 11: we grew up in houses two doors apart and she is so important in my life, and in who I am today. We don’t see each other nearly often enough, but when we do it’s like little bits of my soul that stay quietly hibernating are brought into the light and nourished. I realise things: that I am someone who loves sitting in a field drinking mead in the sunshine, putting the world to rights and listening to good music. That there is just a little bit of a fluffy hippy lurking inside all of the science.

Love #project52 Week 29

Love #project52 Week 29

For the rest of this week and next I am away, so here is this week’s post as well…

Gone Digging #Project52 Week 30

Gone Digging #Project52 Week 30

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