Everything louder than everything else

Been away for a while, physically and metaphorically.

Went to Lazio, did some geophysics and found some cool things. Came back and found everything a bit much. The same feeling as the final year of my PhD: stoptheworldiwanttogetoff. Too many things to worry about, so many decisions to make that even deciding what to wear or eat takes too much mental energy.

I went to Scotland for my cousins’ wedding. It was wonderful and warm and perfect. They had a humanist ceremony and I wanted to talk about the idea of ritual without religion, how I think we need rituals, even if we don’t need Gods. But I couldn’t find the words. I have been home to see my beloved M and had a wonderful selfish weekend with him. But I’m still a bit wonky, still not writing my diary, still finding words hard to come by.

I don’t like to talk about that stuff here, so I’ve been avoiding you all. Sorry.

But being an ostrich doesn’t work forever. On friday we had our annual work outing- the first one I have been able to go to. We played silly team games in the morning and then something called footgolf in the afternoon. I knew I would be bad at it, and so for once I let go and had fun, gloriously failing. I was the worst player by a long way, and embracing that made me really happy. I even got a medal, for all of 5 minutes, before I had to give it up to the real winner. Perhaps there is something to be learned? Dad says I need to do all the scary things ‘flippantly’; like they don’t really matter. Like no-one really cares how awful you are at kicking a ball into a plastic hoop…

Failing joyously #project52 week 35

Failing joyously #project52 week 35

7 thoughts on “Everything louder than everything else

  1. It’s not that we need ritual, it’s that most of our everydayness becomes ritualised, we’re enmeshed in ritual practices and re-presentations. It’s like the weather, an integral part of what we do and something we can’t do anything about.
    The so-called free market operates as ritual with all of the symbolic components (derivatives, dark pools, money) in place, in fact the ritual only starts to wobble when one or more of the symbols fail to work. I could go on, if persuaded, to medical practice as ritual, but I won’t.

  2. Dear Kayt and your mum,
    Still good memories to the last Noorderlicht exhibition at the Museum Belvedere and the bustrip among small Dutch churches where I met you and your mum.
    Glad to see this glimps of you, of course after all the twitter messages…. Wish you and your family all the best with your plans, travels, playing foot golf :-), …. I will keep following you a bit…
    Best regards, Inge

      • Hi Kate, thanks. Planning to visit Noorderlicht again this year. One of the most inspirating exhibitions to me I discovered last year. And this year (too) at a interesting location. Health has unfortunately other plans at the moment, not severe but necessary to rest. Beside that, everything ok in work and private life. One of my boys has his first day at het RUG today… (physics). He do not live in Groningen yet, but has plans for the second half of the year. Best regards from Friesland to all of you, Inge

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