Planning for EAA2013: Pilsen

So, one reason for coming out from the woodwork is to try to organise a tweetup for this year’s EAA meeting next week, in Pilsen.

I expect a lot of people are arriving on the Wednesday, like me, and as we’re driving from the Netherlands I can’t guarantee what time I’ll be there, so after chatting with @LornaRichardson, we figure Thursday, after the sessions (including the big Public Archaeology session) but before the drinks party.

We aren’t aiming for anything super formal – just a chance to put faces to twitter handles and say hi in person. So, I’ll be the (very) blonde person with the idiot grin and a sign, outside the entrance to building 1 from about 18:45 (to allow for sessions running over), on the Thursday! Come up and say hi- I assure you it’s not possible to be any more socially awkward than I am 🙂

I’m going to have a really busy conference- all three members of the main project I work on have a paper, on all three days, and on top of that we are co-running a round table with Andy Bevan about Rural sites & methodology. So I plan to tweet, but perhaps not proper ‘live tweeting’ like I attempted from ISAP and CAANLDE- I also need to concentrate on taking notes and getting into the discussions, especially in the round-table.

If you are at EAA please come to the round table (Far from the Madding Crowd A15, Friday afternoon) if it sounds like you sort of thing! We have a great panel with representatives from loads of different geographical regions and periods, all looking at the methodological issues affecting the interpretation of small rural sites. We think the discussion is going to be quite fruitful, in terms of agreeing priorities for research, and learning from other specialisms.

In addition, Martijn is talking in the session on lithics & landscapes (A27) on Thursday morning, Wieke is talking in the session on non-invasive methods on Saturday morning (B10), and I’m just after lunch in the session on geophysics and later prehistory on saturday afternoon (A20). I’m looking forward to seeing colleagues, exploring a new city and country, and getting to go and listen to papers about all the stuff I don’t get to do much of any more: bodies, gender and cold war stuff!

(non-archaeology folks- you might want to mute me from Thursday to Saturday next week!)

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