Few and Far Between

I mentioned last time I wrote that I am not sure where this is going: the blog, that is.

The new job in Greece is amazing, but the rules here about publishing information (and especially photographs) online about in-progress work are (understandably) really strict, which kinda puts the kibosh on my usual ‘here is what I did last week’ post accompanied by mad landscape photos.

Suffice to say, the landscape is indeed mad, the people are wonderful, the food is too good (back to battling the bulge), and the bureaucracy is labyrinthine. I’ve just had my beloved out to visit for 2 weeks, and we’ve hiked, eaten, drank and museumed ourselves almost to death. I can put pictures of all of that online, because bizarrely when I visit somewhere as a tourist, I can put the snaps up online with no worries, but if I am there in any sort of work capacity, I need a license from the Ephorea. I completely understand the restrictions, and I am not complaining, but basically, if you see any pics of anything ‘old’ on my twitter or flickr for the next year or so, you can assume it’s from a weekend jaunt and not something I am working on!

Life is also very very busy. There is still a lot (way more than I am happy about) to wrap up from our project in Italy, not least of which is all the papers I need to find time to write… and somehow the ones from my PhD end up bottom of the list of priorities… again…


Windswept Acropolis / Parthenon selfie…

So, the upshot is, I’m not gonna be about on the blog much. I still probably tweet more than is good for me, so best to look up @girlwithtrowel if you want to say hi, and I’ll try to pop up here when I have something interesting to say 🙂