Nesting into Durham

I’ve been here just over a week now, and just completed my first whole week (e.g. five days) at work. It’s good, if colder and hillier than I am used to. I have broken all of my Dutch clothes out of storage (and in the process discovered that I am a bit rounder than I was :/). I am experimenting with going back to the way I tried to organise myself during my PhD as a way to cope with the pretty freeform nature of the early stages of a project. This means setting detailed to-do lists with a lot of reflection points. It also means organising my free time to hopefully not fall into too many pits of inaction. Or to live by counting down the days ’till I next see M.

That said, I have called off joining the pub quizz team tonight as I’m shattered. But I did have on my list to update the blog, so here we are.

I stayed up watching the US election last night and I refuse to dwell on it on here, but I am a bit too tired to write anything too coherent.

  • Unpacking is worse than packing, because trying to find new homes for all your stuff reveals just how much junk you have accumulated and dragged around with you.
  • I need to update my theory brain. This is probably going to involve coffee.
  • I know way more people in this neck of the woods than I thought.
  • The Suppliant Women was amazing. I need to do more things like that.
  • I can’t work out my fridge. At all.
  • I still know how to drive ArcGIS which is good after a year only using Manifold.
  • My friends are awesome and I am going to re-instate my postcard wall.
  • My accent hasn’t come back as strongly as I thought it might.
  • People in academic dress are slowly getting to be less of a shock.
  • I might not get over the lacrosse players though. Or working at Palace Green.

One of my dutch buddies works in Darlington at the moment and we’re going to visit the museums and Cathedral and have fun being tourists and I have a board games and dinner invite on Sunday with an office mate. Life is good. Despite the election result.