ISSGAP Soil Science Survey

Hey folks,

As you may or may not know, the ISSGAP (Interactions between Soil Science and Geophysics in Archaeological Prospection) network is examining how all things ‘geo’ in archaeology come together: geochemistry, geophysics, geoarchaeology, and a measure of geology and pedology too. We first met on Crete in 2015, recruited more members at ICAP in Warsaw in the same year, and will be having a second workshop this summer. We would like some information from the community of practitioners, researchers and students that use geophysical surveys in archaeology about how much they use soil science in their work, and what sorts of gaps in training there might be.
To that end, if you are a producer or consumer of geophysical data, could you please fill out this short, anonymous survey about your experience of geophysics and soil science? This will help us build up a picture of where the gaps are and help us develop things like workshops and conferences to fill those gaps.
Here is the survey:
Thanks in advance!
Kayt and the ISSGAP network.