Dr Kayt doing ‘geofizz’

OK, so I don’t often actually use a trowel in my line of work, but people think archaeology, they think trowels. They don’t really think of several kg’s of rather expensive electronics being carried/dragged/hefted about going beep.

I am Dr Kayt Armstrong. I studied Archaeology, then Archaeological Computing at Southampton in the very late 1990’s and early 2000’s, before completing my PhD in Archaeological Geophysics at Bournemouth in 2010. I lived and worked in the Netherlands from 2011 to 2014 years and then went to Crete for the last part of 2014 and first half of 2015. I’ve spent the last 12 months working in commercial archaeology (geophysics) in the UK, and now I am heading back to academia…


This blog serves as (amongst other things) a place to ramble about archaeology and computing, a place to keep in contact with good friends from all over the world, and sometimes I just wants to have a good old kvetch. These days it’s mostly a personal blog, rather than an academic or research one, but I will sometimes post about work 🙂

I lurk about in plenty of online places. The prettiest way to see them all is at flavours.me.

If you actually know me you might find me on facebook, but my profile is pretty locked down.

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7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I’ve also an archaeological blog, something very new (1 week of life and I have to finish it yet)
    so if you are interested, read it

  2. Hi!! Ive been playing about on your blog for a while now. I’m actually working on my dissertation at the moment about blogging and I’ve created my own for research. Feel free to have a looksie about it (its not been up and running for very long)

  3. Hello Kayt!
    Gosh golly i’ve managed to find you out here in the vast internet hyperspace thinggie. Just a quickie to say hello and to see how you are- it certainly seems that you have been keeping busy and having a jolly good time. Feel free to stalk me via facebook or bebo and such like 🙂

  4. Hi Kayt,

    I’ve been reading https://girlwithtrowel.wordpress.com/ and after seeing your post on Memes and social media I wanted to let you know about BBC Blast Studio, a place where you can shoot paintball guns, drip coloured glue and control glowing tubes of light over the internet -no, seriously! See http://www.blastgetcreative.co.uk for the full picture.

    The project is BBC Blast Studio (part of BBC Blast – http://www.bbc.co.uk/Blast) which encourages creativity in young people. It does this by online help, support and inspiration, hands on events across the country and opportunities across creative industries, from fashion to music and everything in between. This art project is a way you can really get involved in an easy way from home, and see your handiwork created live in the studio as you watch.

    Let me know if you would like anymore info and I’ll get back to you. Also, if you’re really interested in creative projects and the like, let us know what interests you and how you might like to get involved and we’ll see what we can do.



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