Last week on twitter I asked whether I should try to do a 365 project this year, or not… I started one when I moved to the Netherlands in 2011 and I made it to more than 250 and then it went a bit wrong. I like taking pictures but Ido feel like I want a bit of structure or a goal to aim for with them. But a picture every day just didn’t work for me; it’s very tough to find something I’m happy posting every single day, and on some days it’s equally impossible to pick just one picture to sum it all up.

Thankfully two different friends (@adammanning, and the awesome Rebecca Bennett) separately suggested making a ‘one picture a week’ project, which I think will work nicely. Bex had the great idea of writing a short blog about each picture, which I really like as well- it’ll give more context, and encourage me to blog. Thus #project52!

I’ll make a flickr album for #project52 shots and each should get their own blog post (except for perhaps fieldwork, when you might get a few at once when I get back), so I’ll set up  tags and categories here too.

I’m claiming last weeks’ Yoda quote as week one, and this week has a Star Wars theme too…

Red Leader #project52 week2

Red Leader #project52 week2

You might have gathered that Matt was here for a few weeks, and that we played a lot of boardgames… One of the games he got me was a neat space skirmish game set in the Star Wars universe; we had great fun chasing our respective X-Wings and Tie Fighters round my dining table. We also played a lot of Smallworld and Race for the Galaxy, and naturally, Civilisation. It made me realise how much I love gaming, in its many forms. Since I moved I’ve not really done any role-playing, except what I can fit in on trips back to the UK. I’ve made few half-hearted attempts to locate the local gaming community, but I’ve not joined any groups yet; too shy (!), and very aware of the effort I am asking people to make to play in english. As part of the ‘do or do not’ mentality I’m thinking about trying to organise a table-top game (that I would run), or some sort of regular board games night of my own, on slightly more familiar territory. Rather than having to walk into a pub-night full of strangers, and hope there is a game I can join… Pretty much my entire non-archaeological life in the UK revolved around gaming and other ‘geek’ pursuits; it is how I met Matt, and almost all of my friends. Part of the idea of coming here was not to treat it as a temporary life (which I feel I did a bit in Bournemouth during the PhD), but to embrace that for now, life is here. And gaming has always been part of my life. So now I need to get on and do it!