Where in the world?

So, as you might have gathered, I moved to the Netherlands on 23rd Feb 2011. The reason for the move was to take up a post-doc at the University of Groningen (or RUG) doing the geophysics and geoarchaeology for an exciting project looking at the rural landscape and settlement in protohistoric Calabria. This blog has always been a mixture of my research, travels and personal thoughts & news, and I don’t plan to change things much. So, expect to hear about adapting to Dutch life, missing my partner (who for now is still in the UK), travels to new places AND lots of random archaeology 🙂

Update April 2014:

Three years in NL has been a blast, but the time has come to move on. From July 2014 I’ll be on Crete for a year, after that, who knows?

Update September 2016:

Crete was amazing, and when I came back I did a year at TigerGeo doing commercial near surface geophysics. I had an amazing time, and learned a lot (but missed being able to talk about it)…

Update November 2016:

Currently on a 2 year Leverhulme funded project doing this at Durham:

http://www.slumpscape.org/ – A project looking at the landscape impacts of the Great Depression on the North East of England.

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